Peasants' Revolt

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Welcome Repast

Friday, Feast Hall, 6pm - ?
Shire Cathanar is offering a light "picnic style" repast on Friday evening at the Feast Hall. Cold cuts, meats and cheeses, salads, chips, tea and lemonade will be available to all Revolt participants. Feel free to bring something sweet to share!

A Taste of Atlantia Luncheon

Saturday, Feast Hall, 11am-1pm

Various meats, cheeses, breads and buns and fruit platters.

A $5.00 donation is requested.



Saturday evening
$15 per seat

The lord of Cathanar Keep, in the fair Shire of Cathanar, has ordered a feast to celebrate a most bountiful harvest. To Their Majesties and Nobles of the Kingdom of Atlantia, milord bids thee attend a feast of epic proportions.

I am your humble servant, Lady Sarah Bryghton, and I serve his lordship as Feastocrat and head cook. Our feast menu (below) consists of three appetizers, one soup, two entrees with five sides, desserts and choice nibblies.


Skilled volunteers are welcome to render aid in the preparations.

Please contact, Cathanar (dot) Revolt (at) gmail (dot) com Subject line; Attn: Sarah Bryghton for any special dietary concerns or requirements.