Peasants' Revolt

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Our Land Agent is Lord Tomas DeLuna. Please contact him regarding ALL camping and cabin questions and reservations at Cathanar(dot)revolt(at)gmail(dot)com Subject Line; Attn: Tomas DeLuna

Camp Boddie is a Boy Scout summer camp with 600 acres of waterfront playground available. There is lots of room to spread out. There are also 5 huts with electricity and 2 bunks for those with special needs. Examples being breathing apparatus requiring power while sleeping or available power outlets to charge wheel chairs. Bring your own bedding. We will not have spare bedding on hand.


Below are your onsite lodging options:

  • Price: Cost is covered by gate fee.
  • Camping areas are first come, first served. Reserve your space NOW! There are 10 camp sites available with each site able to house 30 8x10 tents with plenty of room. Each site has water and a privy. Each camp site will comfortable house 50 to 60 persons.
  • There are 33 showers and 33 "flush" toilets available for the not so hearty within a short walk of all camp sites.
  • oh Have I mentioned the pool yet?

  • There are two air conditioned cabins with indoor plumbing available. 
  • One cabin has King and Queen quarters separated from the 6 other beds.
  • One cabin has eighteen beds available.
  • Price: $250. per cabin. This is for the whole weekend (Fri and/or Sat night)
  • Bring your own bedding. We will not have spare bedding on hand.

Map of Camp Boddie