Peasants' Revolt

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Marshal In Charge        Master Achbar ibn Ali


Minister of Lists           Baroness Sajah Bint-Habushun Ibn-Ish




        Fighter Authorizations


        Heavy Fighters


        Warlord Tournament

        Entrance fee = One item to put into the trophy chest.

        Example - Old piece of armor no longer needed or A+S Knick-Knack.

          The chest will be given to the victorious Warlord Captain to distribute.  


        Returning and Novice Tournament

        For anyone who has not fought for over one year and has

        reauthorized in the past year.

        Any new fighters with less than two-years experience.

        Open to Novice fighters as well.


        Rapier Fighters


        Round Robin Blanket Tournament - Entrance fee is a small period item deposited on a blanket. Tourney winner gets first choice of deposits.


        Target Archery