Peasants' Revolt

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This is to give you an insight into the going ons, so before you arrive you are better prepared!

All SCA newcomers will be provided a "green ribbon" which is to be displayed somewhere easily visible. The idea is that all of us in the SCA were once newcomers and we should ALL be ambassadors for the Society. If you see a person with a green ribbon, please take the time to welcome them to the Society, explain your persona and tell a little about what you do and where you're from. PLEASE do NOT be critical, they are NEW and deserve to be welcomed and feel good about coming in to this hobby. This event is being advertised to all surrounding areas by the Site as well, so we will have visitors from all over. Please ask them where they are from, if they are from your area ... Recruit them!!

If you're wearing a green ribbon, and you see a person who looks fabulous or a camp that looks awesome, PLEASE stop and talk to that person! People in the SCA LOVE to talk about their personas and their experiences. After all, we ARE an educational organization! Don't feel intimidated, we were all new once and we all have a lot to share! 

                          Games and Fun

Capture the GREASED PIG: On the Beach 2:00 -3:00
(Wearing Armor is optional 
BUT IS NOT recommended)

Build a Viking Vessel: On the Beach 3:00 - 4:00
(Wearing Armor is optional  BUT IS NOT recommended)

Beach wear is suggested for beach activities

Saturday Lunch: Meats, Cheeses, Bread and Drink will be available.
A $5.00  donation is suggested.

A&S Competition:

Do you have a project you have been working on? Something you just love and want to show off? Here is YOUR chance. Bring it, sign up and enter it using a 3 x 5 card with a short explanation of your entry.  Beans will be placed on the table. The display with the most beads will win the contest.

Categories include Over 18,  Under 18, Best overall. Displays are to be set up in the Feast Hall by 11:00. Beans will be provided at the table. Swing by and cast a "bean vote" for your favorite .