Peasants' Revolt

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The peasants have gathered the harvest, the fields have been cleared, and the peasants find themselves restless and idle in warmth of the Cathanar sun. With furtive glances at the good people of the Keep at Cathanar, murmurs of discontent are heard in quiet places. Rumors are now growing and spreading across the Kingdom of another uprising, the likes of which haven't been seen in years.

With memories of the last Revolt,  Cathanar Keep senses the rising tensions and now puts forth a call for assistance from the Nobles far and wide! Attend to this growing horde of peasants that are amassing along our walls! The call has been raised for assistance with quelling the uprising of the peasants once again. Pray! Heed our call!

Who: The Shire of Cathanar
What: Peasant's Revolt!
When: August 26-28, 2016
Where: Camp Boddie, 419 Boy Scout Rd.  Blounts Creek, NC. 27814
Entry Fee: $15 per person for members, $20 per person for non-members

                       Children under 5 free.
Feast: $15 per seat
Lodging: Camping is $50 maximum for families. Handicapped accessible accommodations  with bed and electricity are available at no extra charge.

Martial Activities:
  • Heavy
  • Rapier
  • Archery
  • Thrown Weapons
Non-Martial Activities:
  • Arts and Science classes
  • Luncheon
  • Feast
  • All sorts of delights!

It is towards the end of the season for completing the summer harvest. So many are traveling to the Keep by land and by sea, under the guise of tribute or tax to the Lord of Keep Cathanar of  the White Wing. Merchants from near and far are gathering to display their wares for the uncommonly large throng rumored to be on their way. Will they have the coin to spend? Are the rumors of rebellion true? Uncertainty may be in the air, but for the merchant there is no doubt: Where there are crowds, there are also potential customers. Who would like to be counted among them? Who will brave the hordes to set up displays? Come .. and share this day with us! Let your banners proudly fly!! Those wishing space for commerce  should contact Baronka Ingegerd Kastanrazi at Cathanar(Dot)Revolt(at)gmail(dot)com.